Child Abuse


My current major is social work and I plan to specialize in children’s welfare specifically in the group and foster home system. Child abuse within these homes occurs more often than reported, one of the most recent reported cases happened in Southern California at a Christian group home where a couple (Kang Won and Jung Hwan Lee) are being accused of keeping the children in terrible conditions and forcing them to attend religious services and punishing them if they don’t.see-what-children-feel-like-stop-child-abuse-8860789-295-3211

Punishments included being made to stand by a tree for up to four hours, translate Bible verses for an entire day and sleep outside at night. It is also being reported that as many as 80 children were living in the two different residents that the couple is said to have owned. The homes were described as having swarms of flies, broken furniture and missing bedroom doors. Some residents slept in bunk beds crowded into small rooms with 1-inch pads instead of mattresses. One resident lived in a “storage room” and others in an attic


This is just one of the many heartbreaking stories of the child welfare system in the United States. Putting a stop to this form of abuse is going to be an uphill battle because it’s so often swept under the rug and undocumented. The best way to make a step in the right direction is to make these children comfortable enough to open up and tell what’s going on when in these living arrangements.